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Results of the PCMBA 2023 Washington State Court Judicial Candidate 2023 Evaluations  are:

Justice Steven C. González :  Exceptionally Well-Qualified

Judge Diana Kiesel:                Exceptionally Well-Qualified

Comm. Doris Walkins:             Exceptionally Well-Qualified

Candidate Laura Anglin:        Exceptionally Well-Qualified

Comm. Ingrid McLeod            Exceptionally Well-Qualified

Our 2023 
Judicial Evaluation Committee

Our sincere thanks to the following PCMBA members for volunteering:

Keith Armstrong

Gina Duncan

Catherine Guza

Desiree Hosannah

Carlos Sosa


Judicial Evaluations

2023 Judicial Evaluations


We are currently accepting requests and scheduling appointments.  Please contact Katherine Kameron at 206-430-8674 or for more information. 

Judicial Evaluations

2022 Judicial Evaluations


The 2022 PCMBA Judicial Evaluations Committee receives multiple requests for evaluation from candidates seeking judicial appointment or otherwise expressing a desire to ascent to the bench. 


After interviewing each candidate, reviewing each candidate's submitted materials, and contacting their listed references, the Judicial Evaluations Committee has come to the following determinations regarding qualifications of each interviewed candidate to serve as judicial officers:


Candidate                       Interview Date          Rating


Meng Li Che                    11/12/22                         Exceptionally Well-Qualified


Sergio Flores                  10/29/22                      Well-Qualified


Rebecca Reeder          11/12/22                        Well-Qualified


Dee Sontag                   10/29/22                       Exceptionally Well-Qualified


Andrew Yi                       11/12/22                         Qualified

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