Judicial Evaluation Committee

The Pierce County Minority Bar Association evaluates candidates once a year and as solicited by the Governor and or the Pierce County Counsel for new vacancies. In order to be evaluated, the committee requires completion of the Washington State Uniform Judicial Evaluation Questionaire linked below.

Judicial Appointment Questionnaire2015_0.docx

A rating from the committee is considered valid for 3 years and the committee evaluates based upon overall judicial suitability not individually vacant positions. The potential ratings are Not Qualified, Minimally Qualified, Qualified, Well Qualified, and Exceptionally Well Qualified.

After completing evaluation with the committee, an individual will be notified of their rating by mail or email prior to its release to the relevant committee and public. If you are interested in being evaluated please contact the current Judicial Evaluation committee chair Alex Kirigin at alex.kirigin@gmail.com

Current Valid Judicial Ratings

Evaluation Date 3/20/14

Tom Quinlan            Exceptionally Well Qualified

David Ladenburg    Qualified

Jack Hill                    Well Qualified

Sara Lee                    Well Qualified

Evaluation Date 11/11/14

Derek Smith              Well Qualified

Karena Kirkendoll   Exceptionally Well Qualified

James Caraher         Qualified

Al Rose                       Exceptionally Well Qualified

Evaluation Date 6/27/15

Sabrina Ahrens        Exceptionally Well Qualified

Evaluation Date 6/18/16

Shelly Speir               Exceptionally Well Qualified


Evaluation Date 2/23/19

Diana Kiesel             Exceptionally Well Qualified


Evaluations Committee